Ladder Drill Workout

September 10, 2016



So you're wanting a fast-paced workout that skyrockets your heart rate, right? Well I hope so cause that's exactly what you're going to get with this intense ladder drill workout. I would categorize this as plyometric/HIIT cardio training.


-10 Ladder Drill Exercises (watch full length video below to see how to perform each move).


1. 1 ins

2. 2 ins 

3. Zig Zag

4. Single Hops

5. In In Out Out

6. Hop Scotch

7. Side Ins

8. Skiiers



9. Slide Clap Push Up

10. Hand Stand Walk

-Perform each exercise 6 times (as fast as possible- once you have reached the end of the ladder sprint back to the start to perform each repetition starting from the same side)


Workout Duration: 15-30 minutes!


It's quick, intense, and effective at causing EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption). A high EPOC is a good thing- basically you are going to be burning more calories for hours after the workout (and fat is the primary source of fuel during recovery so two thumbs cause we'll be burning calories coming from fat = decreased body fat percentage!!)







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